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Permits & Site Preparation

Sterling Business & Technology Park is constantly working to reduce project construction time.


Sterling Business & Technology Park has Storm Water permits in place for approved building footprints for each lot in the park.  This greatly reduces the time to build.  As long as impervious surface does not exceed the current area approved on the permit, it is a minor amendment to the permit which means storm water plans receive approval quickly.  We can provide estimated timelines for project approval to help with your planning process.

Land Development Plan

Sterling Township requires the submission and approval of a land development plan prior to starting construction.  This approval process can take from 30 - 60 days and the township planning commission works closely with the Sterling Business & Technology Park to expedite the process.


The Sterling Business & Technology Park is a Planned Business Park Zone allowing for a number of approved uses.  For a copy of the zoning ordinances, click here: Sterling Township Zoning Ordinances.


Most of the infrastructure required for construction is in the ground for phases 1 & 2.  Sewer, Potable Water, Non-potable Water, and Power are available at the property line.

Internal roadways for the first two phases of the project are also in place and are designed to PennDOT specifications to support heavy truck traffic.  Highway Occupancy Permtis are not required for internal roadways.

Schedule a site visit now and we will meet and answer any questions.


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