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An industry partnership is a multi-employer collaborative effort that brings together management and labor around the common purpose of improving the competitiveness of a cluster of companies or organizations producing similar products or services and sharing similar supply chains, critical human resource needs, infrastructure requirements, business services, and/or retention/recruitment challenges. The purpose of supporting existing partnerships or organizing new ones is to concentrate attention and resources on particular clusters of industries that provide good wages and benefits, have the greatest potential for economic growth and/or which face serious challenges to growth or retention. By bringing together employers and their workers the public sector can learn significantly and qualitatively more about the opportunities and challenges facing a set of similar companies. The Northeast Pennsylvania Business Education Coalition is committed to supporting the Workforce Investment Board’s within the region in communicating the workforce priorities through its publications and services to schools and employers. The following Industry Clusters are identified by the Commonwealth as priorities.

Industry Partner Summary  

The Life Science Career Alliance 

The Life Science Career Alliance is a five county regional partnership in Southeastern PA dedicated to ensuring that the life science workforce continues to grow and prosper. The Alliance is supported by hospitals, foundations and the five southeast PA WIBs. Its board includes health care executives, workforce professionals, labor leaders and educational executives. The Alliance assists employers in obtaining training assistance, organizes career awareness activities, and researches trends in both health care and biotechnology. 

The Southwestern Pennsylvania Manufacturing Initiative 

This partnership is comprised of four regional WIBs, Duquesne University and economic development partners. The partnership is finalizing a regional strategic plan of action to support manufacturing clusters in a ten county region.  

Food Processing Education and Training Partnership 

The Lancaster, Berks and South Central PA WIBs are supporting this agriculture and food processing partnership. Presently, over 15 food processors have come together from a 10 county region. The partnership has identified training needs and is aligning resources and educational resources to met this need.  

Center of Excellence in Packaging Operations 

This south central PA regional partnership under the leadership of the Lancaster WIB is working with regional industries that are interested in food packaging. They have completed an assessment of the industry training needs. They are working with educational partners to explore the skill development requirements relating to advanced automation and mechatronics packaging technologies.

Health Careers Futures 

This partnership in Pittsburgh region is working with regional providers to support the healthcare industry. Under the direction of Health Care Futures partnership a study was initiated to investigate how and why healthcare professionals enter their chosen careers. 676 incumbent workers from 13 different hospitals and 131 students in training completed the survey. Results are be used to develop marketing campaigns for a health professions recruitment initiative within the greater Pittsburgh area.

Center of Excellence in Wood Finishing 

The partnership continues to develop a consortium-based incumbent worker training activities to strengthen the lumber and wood products industries in Lancaster County. The committee is finalizing a feasibility study for the development of a lab facility that will be built at the Stevens College of Technology.

Diversified Manufacturing Industry Partnership 

The Central PA WIB has taken a leadership role in organizing this regional partnership. The partnership focused on creating a comprehensive retention and growth strategies that will support the regional modular/manufacturing housing and plastics manufacturers. The partnership continues to align regional resources to meet the educational and business resource needs of these manufacturers.  

Council of Logistics Management 

This warehousing, distribution and logistics industry partnership is based in the Lehigh Valley. The partnership works with colleges, the Lehigh WIB, vocational technical schools and regional colleges to assist in the development of certificates and degree programs to encourage students to pursue careers in the logistics industry. The Industry Clusters identified by local Workforce Investment Board within the Northeast region are as follows:

Additional information on the Industry Clusters can be obtained from the Pa Workforce Investment Board site at

Northeast Pennsylvania Food Processing Industry Partnership

In response to Governor Rendell’s Job Ready Pennsylvania, the Luzerne/Schuylkill Workforce Investment Board, Inc. has established a Food Processing Industry Partnership for the Luzerne, Schuylkill, Lackawanna, Pocono, and Northern Tier Workforce Investment Service areas.  The proposed project is intended to create, for the first time, collaboration with the food processing industry partners, workforce investment agencies, local economic development groups, and educational institutions.  Through the development of a Food Processing Industry Partnership, the mission is to align economic and workforce development programs to meet the skill needs of businesses, the career goals of workers, and to attract and retain quality employers in the Northeastern Pennsylvania Region. 

Northeast Regional Healthcare Industry Partnership

As part of Governor Rendell’s Job Ready PA initiative, the Northeast Regional Healthcare Industry Partnership received $134,400 in the form of a Healthcare Industry Partnership Grant.  The long-term goal for this initiative is to create a sustainable industry partnership that can target training, education and workforce development programs to create higher skilled jobs in the healthcare field and provide long-term earnings and career opportunities for employees.  The region currently employs approximately 34,000 employees in the healthcare sector.  There are numerous human resource challenges and labor shortages faced by the healthcare employers in the region, which include the need for highly skilled workforce, misconceptions about career opportunities and rapidly changing technologies.

Northeast PA Advanced Materials/Diversified Manufacturing

Local Workforce Investment Boards in Northeast Pennsylvania recently received workforce development funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry for the Northeast Pennsylvania Advanced/Diversified Manufacturing Industry Partnership.  Organizations who wish to see if they are eligible must complete a training application. Most eligible organizations have a NAICS code beginning with either 32 or 33.

For more information about Northeast PA Food Processing Industry Partnership please contact:
Joseph Sebelin, Executive Director
Pocono Counties WIB
76 Susquehanna Street, Suite 1
Jim Thorpe, PA 18229
Phone: 570-325-2462
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