One of the best features of Sterling Business & Technology Park besides the location is its water reuse system.  This environmental feature saves water by recycling water, that has all ready be used and treated, for uses such as fire suppression, flushing toilets, and other utility uses.  The water system in the park consists of two discrete systems, one containing potable water for drinking and other primary uses and the other system is the reuse system containing the treated non-potable water.  The potable system has a 180,000 gallon tank and the non-potable utilizes a 280,000 gallon tank.  Two separate distribution systems run through out the park providing service to each lot.

Business Park Location

Sterling Business & Technology Park is situated midway along the Boston - Washington D.C. corridor.  Access to all areas is easily obtained without having to fight traffic congestion that prevails inside metro areas. Highway access is superb, with Exit 17 on Interstate 84 less than one mile south and the confluence of I-84, I-380 and I-81 fifteen minutes to the west.  Located in Sterling Township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania.  GPS Coordinates: 41.36,-75.39  For more information:


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